Claremont is a leafy suburb with attractive parks and gardens, providing a relaxed atmosphere for residents and visitors.

Our Parks

For a location map of all the parks in the Town of Claremont, please click here.

Please note that dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, unless otherwise specified.


Parks for Events

A number of the Town’s parks can be used for small functions. We are committed to providing residents with well maintained parks and reserves for appropriate passive recreational pursuits and gatherings, subject to the following conditions:

  • Group doesn’t exceed 30 persons*
  • Personal Training Groups must apply to the Town.  Please click here for more information.
  • There is no erection of any type of barrier to exclude the public from a park/reserve.
  • Vehicle access is not permitted. Where vehicle access is required, please click here to complete the Park/Reverse access form. Charges may apply.
  • There is no erection of a tent, marquee or other shelter/structure that involves or requires stakes to be driven into the ground.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • Noise must remain at a reasonable level and complies with noise regulations.
*Larger events (30 people or more) will require a health and safety compliance assessment. Please submit an email to the Town to request an event form. Please be aware that approval may take longer than two weeks to assess and fees will apply.  Fees will be determined based on the information provided.

Parks and reserves within Claremont include:
  • Cresswell Park - Central Avenue, Claremont
  • Mrs Herbert's Park – Victoria Avenue, Claremont*
  • Alex Prior Park – Victoria Avenue, Claremont
  • Agett Park – Agett Road, Claremont
  • Claremont Park – Bay View Terrace, Claremont
  • Rowe Park – Gugeri Street, Claremont
  • Mary Street Park – Gugeri Street, Claremont
  • John & Jean Mulder Park – Davies Road, Claremont
  • Motteram Reserve – Motteram Avenue, Claremont
  • First Avenue Park – First Avenue, Claremont
  • Maclagan Park – Devon Road, Swanbourne
  • Mofflin Park - Mofflin Avenue, Swanbourne
  • Stirling Road/The Cedus Park – Stirling Road, Claremont
  • Lake Claremont – Davies Road, Claremont
  • Parry Street Reserve – Parry Street, Claremont
  • Hatchett Park – Devon Road, Swanbourne
  • Belleville Park – Narla Road, Swanbourne
  • Ballaruk Bush – Narla Road, Swanbourne
  • McKenzie Bush – Mitford Street, Swanbourne
* Please note that construction on the Claremont Museum will be commencing in early January 2021. Residents will still be able to access Mrs Herbert’s Park and use the public toilets, however there will be limited/ changes to parking and there will be a construction zone at the top of the park near the Claremont Museum.


Other facilities available in the Town of Claremont are:

  • Cresswell Park
  • Claremont Oval
  • Claremont Bowling Club
  • Claremont Tennis Courts

For information about hiring these facilities, please contact the relevant clubs. For contact details, click here.


Park/Reserve Vehicle Access

The Town, at its discretion, may approve vehicle access through its parks/reserves to adjacent private lots for construction or maintenance purposes. To ensure this access does not disadvantage other residents or park users, nor incur a cost to the Town, all applicants will be required to comply to ALL of the following requirements:

  • For a Park/Reserve Access application form click here
  • Pay all fees and charges as approved by Council (see application form for a listing of these).
  • Provide a Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency (if applicable)  to the value required by the Town to comply with all conditions of use issued by the Town.

For any further enquiries, please click here to contact us.