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Policy Manual

Council is responsible for determining the strategic direction of the Town. Section 2.7 of the Local Government Act 1995 provides that Council is to determine the Town's policies. Council policies reflect this strategic direction and guide the Town’s decision making processes.

All Council policies will be reviewed at three year intervals, or more frequently if required. 

Our Policies

PE400 – Council Community Events 
PE402 – Leasing of Council Facilities to Community Groups 
PE403 – Public Art Collection 
PE404 – Sustainable Claremont – Community Support Program                                                                                                                                                     

LG500 – Effective People Management 
LG501 – Elimination of Violence, Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace 
LG503 – Annual Budget Process Timetable 
LG504 – Financial Reserve Accounts 
LG505 – Sustainable Loan Funding 
LG507 – Entertainment 
LG508 – Accounting 
LG509 - Purchasing 
LG510 – Disposal Policy 
LG511 – Investments 
LG512 – Corporate Purchasing Cards 
LG514 – Closed Circuit Television Systems and Body Worn Camera Footage 
LG516 – Fees, Allowances and Expenses for Council Members 
LG518 – Records Management 
LG519 – Council Agenda Briefing Forums, Workshops and Briefing Sessions
LG522 – Freeman of the Town 
LG523 – Executing of Documents 
LG524 – Discretionary Community Consultation 
LG526 – Asset Management 
LG527 – Fleet Management Policy 
LG528 – Gifts to Terminating Employees 
LG530 – Bank Account 
LG531 – Related Party Disclosures 
LG532 – Financial Hardship Policy 
LG533 – Complaints Management 
LG534 – Risk Management 
LG535 – Legislative Compliance 
LG536 – Public Interest Disclosure 
LG537 – Fraud Prevention 
LG538 – Appointment of Chief Executive Officer and Acting Chief Executive Officer 
LG539 – Council Member and CEO Attendance at Events 
LG540 – Council Member Training and Continuing Professional Development 
LG541 - Complaints Against Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates
LG542 - Council Members Media Policy 
LG543 – Equal Opportunity 
LG544 – Work Health and Safety Policy 
LG545 - Livestreaming of Council Meetings  
LG546 - Flag and Lighting Policy

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