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Business permits

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Events and Trading

All application forms can be found below.

Please be advised that most these applications need to be submitted at 30 days prior to the event, please ensure that you check the application forms for the minimum amount of time required.

Once you submit the application forms the Town will contact you to assist you in the process and determine what approvals you will need to hold the event.

When is a form required?

Type of Form Use of Form
Advice of structures form  Required to be completed for all public events
Application to construct, alter or extend a public building - Form 4A 2019-2020 Required for all public event applications
Public building electrical certification - Form 5 2015 Required to be completed for all public events and public buildings that have an electrical connection
Application for a permit to conduct an activity on a thoroughfare or public place - Form 5A  Required for Busking, Charities, Fundraising and Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
Temporary food business application form  To be completed where food is served, including alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. Click here to complete the form.
Public Events Application

To be completed for all publicly held events (e.g. events at Claremont Showgrounds). Click here to complete the form.

Creditor Request Form  To be completed when you are a new creditor to the Town. Click here to complete the form.


  • Advice Of Structures Form
    133.2 KB
  • FORM 4A Application To Alter Or Construct A Public Building 2019 2020
    307.71 KB
  • Public Building Electrical Certification Form 5 2015
    23.63 KB
  • FORM 5A Application For A Permit To An Activity On A Thoroughfare Or Public Place 22/23
    145.99 KB

Trading in Public Places

The Town's Activities on Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2003 regulates trading activities in public places and requires operators to obtain a permit from the Town in order to trade in public places. The purpose of the Local Law is to provide control on trading activities and ensure that they do not create nuisances or pose a risk to public health. Application form can be found on this page.

Please note that not-for-profit organisations e.g. Schools, Sports Clubs etc are exempt but are still required to complete an application. Please contact the Town's Health Service to obtain the necessary paperwork.

Bunnings in Claremont also allow fundraising/community groups to host a sausage sizzle on Saturdays. This also requires a permit to operate and groups must submit an application form to the Town of Claremont before the event. Bunnings Claremont has a comprehensive application package which outlines the requirement to submit a copy of the permit to them in order to operate the sausage sizzle.

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