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Parking permit application

Application for Precinct Parking Permits

Parking permits are valid for the financial year only and will expire on 30 June 2023.

As per the Schedule of Fees and Charges an annual parking permit is $100. Any additional parking permit is $150 and subject to CEO approval.

One parking permit is available free of charge to those ratepayers/residents who reside in a Heritage Home with no onsite parking.

If you wish to apply for a permit, please fill out the below application form.

If permits are lost or stolen, a replacement fee of $50 per permit will apply.  Please allow at least seven business days for processing of your application. 


Please note that residents of multiple dwellings are not eligible for parking permits as per the Town's Parking Policy LV132. The Town suggests residents of these dwellings discuss parking management with their strata manager.

Parking Permit Application

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