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Park Event Booking Form

Please ensure you refer to the Terms and Conditions of Park Hire Bookings.

Please note completing this form does not equate to an official booking. An officer will be in contact with you to confirm your booking/request more information.

Included on this page

Applicant Details
Booking Details
Function Details
(if yes, ONLY turf marking paint is to be used)
(if yes, strictly no pegs are to be driven into the ground. Sandbags or weights to be used instead)
e.g. stage, chairs, marquee
This will need to include dimensions and location of set up
(if yes, please provide a copy of liquor license and plan. Otherwise strictly prohibited)
(Please note it is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure all rubbish is removed from the site immediately after the event, failure to comply may result in a fine)
Thank you for your feedback!

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