Lake Claremont Golf Course

Claremont Golf Course expected to re-open in September 2017

On 2 February 2016, Council endorsed an improvement program for the Golf Course, which includes the redesign of the Par 3 course and an upgrade of the club rooms.  The Council agreed to upgrade the Par 3 golf course to a high playing standard with the objective of producing a public golf facility attractive to a private operator, attracting new patronage, reducing the annual ratepayer subsidy and lifting the amenity of the precinct.

1. What will the revitalisation project involve?

  • Redesign the layout of the Par 3 course where possible to produce additional challenge (i.e. a variety of length of fairways)
  • Upgrade all greens to a good putting standard including a degree of challenge
  • Upgrade all tee boxes
  • Upgrade reticulation from the existing manual system to create efficiencies by reducing operating costs and water use
  • Improvements to the club rooms
  • Other minor works include improved signage, tree pruning (not tree removal), seating, some pathways

2. When will the work commence and finish?

The Golf Course will be closed from 1 July 2016 and it is expected to re-open to the public on Friday 1 September 2017.

3. Why is the Council undertaking this project?
The upgrade will support the social and financial viability of the facility for the future.  Community consultation undertaken in 2009 clearly indicated strong support for the course to remain open at a minimum as a Par 3 course.  The revitalisation will ensure that Council is able to fulfill the community’s recreational needs at a higher standard and without such a significant ongoing cost.
4. Who will undertake the work?
Town of Claremont will call for tenders and advertise for a suitably qualified and accredited golf course designer to work together to undertake the course design and construction supervision.
5. Will the Aspire Gymnasium and the Lake Espresso Café remain open during the work? 

Yes, it will be business as usual.

For further information, please contact Customer Relations on 9285 4300 or email