Street Tree Masterplan Community Consultation


Town of Claremont is seeking your feedback on the future of street trees as part of the Street Tree Masterplan revision 2022.

To create a flourishing street tree canopy and to replace diseased trees, the Town has selected species that will thrive - creating shade, reducing heat and providing a better range of food sources and habitats for birds and native wildlife. Any trees that are currently healthy will not be replaced. For more information on tree species including common name and pictures, please click here.

Please take the survey below, select your street name to find your category and have your say. Please note the survey is only to be taken once per household and open for owner's of residence only.

If your street is NOT on the survey, it has been identified as a single species street, this means no further action is required.
Please vi
ew the list of these streets prior to taking the survey here.  

Please read the FAQs below for further clarification.

Don't miss out! Survey closes 27 September.

If the survey is not loading, please click here.


For more information, please visit here or contact the Town on 9285 4300 or