Public art

(Mural by Ian Mutch)

Since the adoption of the Town of Claremont’s Public Art Policy in 2012, new, exciting and engaging artworks have emerged all around our Town.
The Town has a key role to play in fostering a creative community, and we recognise the significance that arts and cultural development plays towards community enrichment.  Making visual art broadly accessible to the community helps to develop civic pride and creates opportunity for community engagement.

Our town is steeped in history and a vibrant community life, and perfectly placed between the ocean and the Swan River.  Public Art gives us the opportunity to further foster our pride and celebrate our history and culture in a creative way.
Public art is an integral element of the Town’s vision for Claremont’s cultural identity, contributing to a liveable, innovative and inspiring place.

Anya-Brock-to-use-300_x_150.jpeg        Mrs-Herbert-s-Park-to-use-300_x_150.jpeg

(Local Birds by Anya Brock)                                                             (untitled by Andrew Kay)

Public Art around Claremont

The Town's permanent and temporary works of art, including sculptures, murals and mosaics, reflect and inform us of the rich and diverse history of the Town, its residents and their activities. The collection includes artworks on Town-owned land and on private property, commissioned with the assistance of the Town. In addition, there are numerous public artworks commissioned by private developers in Claremont.

Below is a list of some of the pieces that can be found around our Town;
Location Title Artist Medium Date
Claremont Town Centre Bicycle Stations Peter Knight Stainless steel and paint 2012
Bay View Terrace, Claremont Ooh La La Coral Lowry Stainless steel, glass and light 2013
Claremont Council Administration Half Way Tree Vaughn Bisschops Stained glass, steel and timber 2014
Claremont Council Chambers Astro Boy - 2018 Art Award winner Brendan Lewis Painting 2018
Claremont Council Chambers Time means nothing to me   Painting 2015
Claremont Council Administration foyer Mrs Herbert Mike Stilkey (USA) Painting on hardcover books 2018
Claremont Council Chambers If I stay quiet, I can hear the river sing on a windless day - 2014 Art Award winner Cynthia Ellis Painting 2014
Avion Way, Claremont A breath of fantasia Akiho Tata Polished concrete 2015
Avion Way, Claremont Cycle of life Ron Gomboc Brushed steel 2015
Stirling Road Pedestrian Underpass   Matthew Wong Mural painting 2016
Stirling Road Pedestrian Underpass Local Birds Anya Brock Mural painting 2016
Claremont Museum Wind Vane Tony Jones Mixed metal  
Mrs Herbert's Park Mrs Herbert Andrew Kay Mixed metal 2009
Swanbourne Village   Ian Mutch Mural painting  
MacLagan Park   Andrew Kay    
Mofflin Avenue Park   Andrew Kay    
Mary Street Reserve Three Cockatoos Andrew Kay    
Walt Drabble Lane   Dipesh Mural painting