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Local Government Election Results

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The 2023 local government elections have concluded and four Councillors have been elected to a four-year term at the Town of Claremont.

23 Oct 2023
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The 2023 local government elections have concluded and the Town would like to congratulate former elected members Ryan Brown, Kate Main and Annette Suann on being re-elected, and Graham Cameron on his first election to the position of Councillor for a 4-year term at the Town of Claremont.  

Mayor Jock Barker said, “I look forward to working with those elected and continuing to make Claremont the number one local government in Western Australia.”

“It’s fantastic to see the Claremont residents and ratepayers having their say. This election saw over 25% of electors completing their ballot paper in choosing their preferred community representatives.”

Mayor Jock Barker would like to thank and acknowledge the contribution of outgoing Councillors, Peter Edwards who served on Council for the last 12 years and Peter Telford who served a 4 year term.

The new council will be sworn in Monday 23 October at 6pm.

This is the first election since the local government reforms reduced the number of Councillors from 9 to 8 and abolished wards in the Town.

View the full election results here.

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