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The Town of Claremont provides waste and recycling services for residential properties. Each property has:

  • a 120-litre general waste bin with a green or red lid (collected weekly); and

  • a 240-litre recycling bin with a yellow lid (collected fortnightly).

Properties larger than 400 square metres (400sqm) will also have:

  • a 240-litre garden organics (GO) bin with a lime-green lid (collected fortnightly)

Waste & Recycling Guide

Download the Town's Waste and Recycling Guide 2021-2022.
Please note: Tip passes on downloaded Waste and Recycling Guide are not valid for use

This guide includes information on:

  • Collection days (p3)

  • Garden organics bin (p4)

  • Verge collections (p8)

Introduction of garden organics (GO) bins

GO bins with lime-green lids have been delivered to Town of Claremont properties 400 sqm or larger to divert our green waste from landfill and make more mulch to protect gardens and reduce water use.

Along with GO bin deliveries, red lids were fitted (to replace dark green lids) on general waste bins that are placed kerbside for collection as usual.

  • general waste bins are placed kerbside by 6am on their usual collection day; and

  • bins are not retrieved until 6pm to enable work for the transition to be completed.

The changes are part of the three-bin system being introduced across Perth to contribute to the State Government’s target of diverting 70 per cent of waste from landfill by 2025.
For a guide as to what goes in each bin, visit the Recycle Right website, as well as the quick A-Z guide on the WMRC website..

Three-bin collection schedule


Every week, the existing 120-litre general waste bin (with a new red lid) will be collected from Town of Claremont residences.

On alternate weeks, either the new 240-litre garden organics bin (lime lid) or the existing 240-litre recycling bin (yellow lid) will also be collected with the general waste bin.

  • Fortnightly recycling bins collection with general waste bins.

  • Fortnightly garden organics bins collection with general waste bins.

The following calendar further details waste collection dates:


Application for GO bin for properties smaller than 400sqm
Properties greater than 400sqm in the Town of Claremont were automatically included in the new three-bin system. The owner or authorised property manager for single residential properties smaller than 400sqm can opt in to have a GO bin as part of their waste services.  
To receive a GO bin, please complete the 3rd bin opt-in request form.
Requests will be included in the second phase of the GO bin rollout later in the year. 

Verge Collection

The Town of Claremont have biannual bulk waste and green waste verge collections. You can view the 2021/2022 green waste and bulk verge collection dates here

Bin Tagging

This state government-funded education program has been running since 2015, with the 2021 round, completed in May, being part of the biggest exercise ever undertaken in WA. The program is being undertaken by the Western Metropolitan Resource Centre (WMRC).

What is Bin Tagging?

Bin Tagging helps residents with direct, individualised feedback on the contents of their bin. It helps to reduce waste and recycle right! The process involves a bin tagger lifting the lid and viewing only the immediately visible contents. The bins are then given a ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ face tag depending on the bin’s contents, and personalised tips to help residents understand how to use their bins correctly.

Over 600 Town of Claremont properties were included in this year's bin tagging. Bin taggers will be checking both recycling and general waste bins. If you are a holder of our new GO bins, taggers will assess all three as per the three-bin waste management system. Households are visited on at several occasions over a six week period to check for improvements.

This program is for educational purposes and aims to assist residents to reduce waste and recycle correctly. For further information and FAQ’s, please click here

Putting your bins outBin-300_x_256.png

Bins should be placed:

  • With the lid closed

  • With the wheels facing your property

  • Within 1m of the road

  • At least 0.5m apart from other bins

  • Clear of obstructions (eg cars, walls, posts)

  • Before 6am on collection day

Please retrieve your bin as soon as possible following collection.

West Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC)

WMRC manages waste for the west metro area. Contact WMRC for help and advice on:

When to contact us

Contact the Town to:

  • Report a damaged bin

  • Report a stolen bin

    • In order to receive a replacement bin, you must first report the theft to Wembley Police Station and provide us with a police report number

  • Request a bin upgrade or downgrade

    • The ratepayer's written approval is required for all bin upgrades or downgrades