Waste Services

The Town of Claremont provides waste and recycling services for residential properties.

Each property has a:

  • 120L green or red-topped general waste bin, collected weekly
  • 240L yellow-topped recycling bin, collected fortnightly
From January 2020, properties 400mor larger will also have a:
  • 240L lime green-topped garden organics (GO) bin, collected fortnightly
Application for Garden Organic bin (properties smaller than 400sqm)
The owner or authorised property manager for single residential properties smaller than 400sqm can opt in to have a Garden Organic (GO) bin as part of their waste services.
To receive a GO bin, please complete the 3rd bin opt-in request form.
If you request a GO bin before Friday 27 September, you will receive your new bin as part of the January 2020 rollout. Requests received after this date will be included in the second phase of the rollout later that year.  

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Waste & Recycling Guide

Download the Town's Waste & Recycling Guide 2019-20.

This guide includes information on:
  • Collection days (p2)
  • The new garden organics bin (p4)
  • Verge collections (p5)

Putting your bins outBin-300_x_256.png

Bins should be placed:
  • With the lid closed
  • With the wheels facing your property
  • Within 1m of the road
  • At least 0.5m apart from other bins
  • Clear of obstructions (eg cars, walls, posts)
  • Before 6am on collection day
Please retrieve your bin as soon as possible following collection.

West Metropolitan Regional Council (WMRC)

WMRC manages waste for the west metro area. Contact WMRC for help and advice on:

When to contact us

Contact the Town to:
  • Report a damaged bin
  • Report a stolen bin
    • In order to receive a replacement bin, you must first report the theft to Wembley Police Station and provide us with a police report number
  • Request a bin upgrade or downgrade
    • The ratepayer's written approval is required for all bin upgrades or downgrades