The Town of Claremont is celebrated as Western Australia's leafiest urban council. Its green spaces and plentiful trees and shrubs make it the WA council least vulnerable to extreme heat, as recognised in a study by national campaigners 202020 Vision.

202020 Vision's report found that the Town's green canopy made it the only urban council in WA, and one of only 12 nationwide, to achieve a low heat vulnerability rating.

This is one of a number of benefits of planting and preserving trees in the Town. Other benefits of trees include:
  • Reducing heat in the surrounding area by up to seven degrees celsius, in turn reducing annual heating and cooling costs by 12 to 15%
  • Providing shade, nesting and food for native birds and other wildlife
  • Enhancing the aesthetics of our Town
  • Adding value to your property, and the street as a whole
  • Preserving history - many of the Town's trees are over 100 years old
This is why the Town's trees are considered one of our most precious and valuable assets.

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Policies, plans and resolutions

Information sheets

Forms, requests and contacting us

Pruning of branches which overhang private property are the responsibility of the Property owner. 436-Claremont-Parks-180613-JWyld-700_x_100-(1).jpg

Support for residents

The Town appreciates residents' contribution to the overall greening of the town, and we ask that you make every effort to preserve trees on your property wherever possible.

Before you remove or lop a tree, we urge you to contact us. We can offer advice on:
  • How you can retain your tree
  • Best practice in pruning it back
  • Recommending an arborist for consultancy purposes (consultancy to be paid for by the resident)

Queensland box trees

You can apply for Queensland box trees on your street to be replaced with other species.

Box trees can be removed by the Town where:

  • The removed tree is replaced with a designated tree according to the Town's street tree masterplan
  • The resident pays $3,400 per tree
  • Each year, no more than 10% of all the trees on any one street are replaced, and a maximum of 85 box trees throughout the Town
For more information:
  • View the full council motion and resolution under 'policies, plans and resolutions' (above)
  • Apply to remove and replace a street tree under 'forms' (above)

Dealing with moths and caterpillars

There are a number of cape lilac trees in the Town, which can attract white cedar moths and caterpillars.

The Town undertakes annual measures to reduce the number of caterpillars drawn to cape lilac street trees. For advice on how to protect a cape lilac tree on your property, visit the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's website.