River foreshore

River Foreshore

Freshwater Bay is one of the most spectacular areas of the Swan River, with its open water, beaches, steep vegetated slopes and cliffs. The area has significant conservation, landscape and heritage values, but is also subject to heavy pressure for residential, institutional and recreational use.

Public access around the foreshore is limited by the location of various developments, private properties and steep terrain. The natural values are being degraded by the loss of natural vegetation, weed invasion, littering and erosion.

Many State and Local Government authorities play a role in the management of the foreshores of Freshwater Bay, primarily the Town of Claremont and the Swan River Trust. A ‘Freshwater Bay Management Plan’ was drafted by the Swan River Trust and represents a cooperative effort between these two organisations to protect the natural environment of the Freshwater Bay area, provide for appropriate levels of public access to foreshore areas and conserve, enhance and promote the heritage values of the area.

A copy of the Plan is available for perusal at the Town of Claremont Library, in the Corporate Library section.



  • Small water craft access ramp (off Chester Road) – site of the old Claremont baths;
  • Jetty;
  • Lookout at east end of Osborne Parade;
  • BBQ facilities and toilets are available in Mrs Herbert's Park and a toilet facility is available at Jetty Road.

Swan River Foreshore Management Plan

The Town of Claremont has a Foreshore Management Plan which was developed as a regional plan with members of WESROC (Western Suburbs Regional Organisation of Councils) in 2016. This was done in response to outcomes of a WESROC Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Plan developed in June 2010.

Council has established a committee consisting of the Mayor, the three South Ward Councillors and three community representatives for the Foreshore Management Plan.
The Foreshore Management Plan was commissioned to provide insight and guidance into short, medium and longer term strategies for managing vulnerability of assets both private and public from climate change risk such as inundation, erosion and accretion along the shoreline from Matilda Bay in Crawley to Minim Cove in Mosman Park.
To view the Foreshore Management Plan, click here.
To view the summary report for Town of Claremont’s section of Foreshore, click here.

Sand Management Plan

A Sand Management Plan was adopted by the Town of Claremont for the Claremont river foreshore in 2021. The management plan was developed with the assistance of the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attraction and is aimed at achieving best practice foreshore management.

The plan outlines actions relating to ongoing foreshore monitoring, management of day-to-day change, and responses to events causing erosion or foreshore mobility, and is intended to address existing and potential impacts of foreshore erosion and inundation. It provides a long-term management framework, which may be applicable for 10 to 25 years, depending on foreshore development and conditions experienced, including sea level changes.

Management challenges along the Claremont foreshore occur because the estuarine beaches are narrow and low lying, with private properties close to the shore. Consequently, episodes of minor erosion or inundation can potentially impact public access and amenity.Management of the foreshore is further complicated by the Town of Claremont’s high water mark boundary, and potential for sediment transport along the shore to switch direction both seasonally and episodically.

To view the Sand Management Plan, click here