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Your opinions and views are important to us.  We seek feedback from the broader community and stakeholders to help guide and inform the decision making process.  We endeavour to maximise community and stakeholder participation in its activities through timely, accurate and understandable communication.

Current consultation projects
Previous consultation projects

Current consultation projects 

Strategic Community Plan, Local Planning Strategy, Precinct Structure Plan

During the coming months the Town will be engaging with the community to get ‘your say’ on three important plans:
  • Strategic Community Plan Review
  • Local Planning Strategy
  • Precinct Structure Plan for the Town Centre
Strategic Community Plan Review - Claremont Ahead 2031
The Strategic Community Plan ‘Claremont Ahead’ sets out in broad terms the visions, aspirations and objectives of the community. Claremont Ahead forms the basis for the Town’s projects and endeavours and is the over-arching strategic document through to 2031.
Local Planning Strategy
The Local Planning Strategy sets the objectives and long-term planning directions for the built form of the Town to ensure a suitable supply of appropriately zoned land to accommodate future population change and economic development over a 15 year period. This document is key in shaping ‘where, why and how’ of future planning and development outcomes in the Town of Claremont.  
Precinct Structure Plan
The Precinct Structure Plan focuses on the Claremont Town Centre and immediate surrounds. This plan will provide more detailed guidance on the design, planning, assessment and implementation of future development in the Town Centre.


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Planning Workshops

As the next step in our community consultation process, the Town of Claremont is undertaking Planning Visioning and Design Workshops for the Local Planning Strategy and Town Centre Precinct Structure Plan. The Town strongly encourages community members (residents, business operators and landowners) to attend these Planning Workshops as they represent the best opportunity to have ‘your say’ when it comes to the ‘where, why and how’ future planning and development outcomes occur in the Town over the next 15 years.  

Click on your preferred day and time below to book a workshop. Workshops will be held at Claremont Football Club.

Planning Visioning Workshops - RSVP by 7 May 2021
The purpose of the Visioning Workshop is to provide further background information on these strategic projects and what they mean for the Town. This will be followed by small facilitated group discussions, culminating in an overall vision statement for the Local Planning Strategy and the Town Centre. The Visioning Workshop will also aim to establish the guiding principles, based on community views, to address the key themes being investigated such as housing diversity, economic development, community facilities and so forth.

I wish to attend the Visioning Workshop on Wednesday 19 May from 6pm - 8pm
I wish to attend the Visioning Workshop on Saturday 22 May from 9:30am - 11:30am

Planning Design Workshops - RSVP by 7 June 2021
The purpose of the Design Workshop is to build upon the vision statement and guiding principles established in the Vision Workshops. The Design Workshop will include presentation of design considerations (based on the principles established in the Visioning workshop) for discussion amongst small facilitated groups. The intent of the Design Workshop is to culminate in an overall preferred design scenario and guiding principles for the Town to use in developing the draft Local Planning Strategy and draft Town Centre Precinct Structure Plan.

I wish to attend the Design Workshop on Wednesday 16 June from 6pm - 8pm
I wish to attend the Design Workshop on Saturday 19 June from 9:30am - 11:30am

To register your interest to attend a workshop please email
For more information on these community consultations, please see our FAQs.


Bernard Street

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Rob Roy Street

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George Avenue

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Planning Scheme Amendment No. 138 – Stirling Highway (Eastern Highway Precinct)

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 15 September 2020, Council resolved to initiate Scheme Amendment No. 138 to its Local Planning Scheme No. 3. We are now seeking feedback from landowners, business proprietors and residents that may be affected by this amendment.

The Amendment includes two main components:

  1. Rezoning of land along Stirling Highway between Leura Avenue and Loch Street. The majority of properties adjacent to the Highway in this area are partially zoned ‘Highway’ but include unzoned land (former Primary Regional Road under the Metropolitan Region Scheme) which will be included in the ‘Highway’ zone with a Density Coding of R-AC3 (current density is R40).  Several additional adjacent properties are also proposed to be included in the ‘Highway’ zone.

  2. Modifying the Scheme Text to allow between six and eight storey mixed-use development with a height limit of 21-27m (current limit is 12m), and introduce changes to development controls to reduce the amenity impacts on adjacent Residential zoned properties.

Click here to view Local Planning Scheme Amendment No. 138.
Click here to open the submission form which may be emailed to (email preferred) or posted to PO Box 54, Claremont WA 6910.
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Events at Claremont Showground

After receiving a number of complaints along with a petition from local residents in November last year, the Town is requesting feedback from the broader community about the impact of events at the showgrounds.

The survey focuses on three types of events: Music and other Festivals; Exhibitions; and the Royal Show and other Family-Friendly events.

All residents within the locality received a hard-copy survey in their letterbox between 5 January and 12 January 2020 along with the summer edition of Flourish. The survey can also be completed online with a limit of one survey per person accepted.

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Dogs at Claremont Football Oval

The Town is seeking community feedback on dogs at Claremont Football Oval. 

Claremont Football Oval is a dog on-lead public open space, allowing Claremont residents to exercise their dogs on-lead at times when the oval is not being used by Claremont Football Club. Council recently received a petition, signed by 88 residents of Claremont on the Park, requesting to change the oval to a dog off-lead exercise area. As a result, the Town is now seeking community feedback on whether the restrictions on dogs at this space should change.

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Proposed installation of timed parking restrictions - Mofflin Ave, Claremont

The Town is seeking community feedback on the installation of timed parking restrictions along Mofflin Avenue. The proposed timed parking restrictions will be as per the Town's Precinct Parking Policy. The objective is to ensure that vehicles can safely travel in and out of the street, whilst also minimising the impact on street parking for local residents due to increased activity from tradesmen attending nearby construction sites. 

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Draft Budget 2020-21

Council has approved a Draft Budget 2020-21.

This budget means that, for the overwhelming majority of Claremont's ratepayers, rates will remain at the same level or less than they were in 2019-20. You can get more information on how your rates are calculated with our Budget 2020-21 Q&As.

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Perth Transport Authority long term single lane road closure - Claremont Crescent

As part of the State Government’s Metronet Claremont station project, the Public Transport Authority has proposed a long-term single lane road closure of Claremont Crescent, west of Stirling Road, for westbound traffic. The lane closure will accommodate critical works along the train line and ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclist, motorists and personnel performing the work. The closure will also act as a temporary principle shared path (PSP) as the main PSP will be closed between Graylands Road and Australind Street for the duration of the works. These closures will be in place for up to eight months to March 2021. 

A map of the closure can be found here

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Claremont Museum Upgrade

The Town's Freshwater Bay Museum was closed in January 2017 in preparation for an upgrade. The closure facilitated a major review of the Town's collection and planning for the new facility.

Consultation of neighbouring residents and stakeholder groups has led to the development of a concept plan of a new building, upon which the Town is now seeking community feedback. 

Click here for further information 
Click here to view the concept plan for the site

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