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The Town believes it is important that the views of the broader community and stakeholders are obtained so that they can be considered to guide the decision making process.  The Town values feedback and will endeavour to maximise community and stakeholder participation in its activities.

Current Consultation Projects
Previous Consultation Projects

Current Consultation Projects

George Avenue, introduction of No Parking

Proposed introduction of No Parking on George Avenue.  Click here to have your say:

Survey closes 3 January, 2020.

Bindaring Parade, between Osborne Parade & Airlie Street

Proposed introduction of No Standing parking restrictions during the following periods:

(i) Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 9.00am on the West side of Bindaring Parade;
(ii) Monday to Friday between 3.00pm and 4.30pm on the East side of Bindaring Parade.

Click here to have your say:

Survey closes 3 January, 2020.

Second Avenue - Traffic Calming, Reduction of Speed and Options Available

The Town is seeking feedback on proposed traffic calming and speed reduction options for Second Avenue between Ashton Avenue and Brockway Road.
Information sheet

Feedback is now closed.

Hatchett Park

The Town is seeking feedback on proposed designs for Hatchett Park.

Links and documents: Feedback is now closed.

Dog Exercise Areas

  • Extension of the Lake Claremont Parkland dog exercise area south to the north end of Elliott Road.

  • Removal of the Parry Street Reserve as a Dog Exercise Area

Prohibited Dog Area

  • Addition of Claremont Golf Course (playing and practice area)

All other Dog Exercise and Prohibited Dog Areas are to remain unchanged.

Click here to view a map of the proposed changes.
Click here to view the Minutes of the Council Meeting of 7 August, 2018.  

Feedback is now closed.