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The Capital Works Program has been developed to meet anticipated community infrastructure needs and the future development of the Town to align with the strategic plan, driven by population growth, requirements of the community and asset management.  These works include footpath replacement, traffic management treatments and road re-sheeting works among other minor capital works.

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Upcoming Projects
Underground Power Project

Upcoming Projects 

Road Rehabilitation Project - Alfred Road (between Brockway Road and Mimosa Avenue)

The programmed Road Rehabilitation Project for Alfred Road (between Brockway Road and Mimosa Avenue) is scheduled to commence on Monday 8 April 2019. The goal is to complete the works before Friday 3 May 2019, weather and contractor availability permitting.

View more detail on the works, including an information sheet. If you have any queries regarding this project or would like further information, please contact the Town's Supervisor of Works, Svetlana Ostrovsky, on 9285 4300.

Footpath Reconstruction - Saunders Street (north side, between Wright Ave & Central Ave)

The footpath reconstruction project is scheduled to commence on Monday 17 June 2019.  The goal is to complete these major works before Friday 21 June 2019, weather permitting.

If you have any queries about these works, please
 contact us.

Davies Road Redevelopment

The Road Redevelopment Project for Davies Road between Lapsley Road and Alfred Road is scheduled to commence on Monday 6 May 2019. We hope to have works completed before Friday 14 June 2019, weather and contractor availability permitting.
The proposed sequence of works is:

Week 1 - 2        from Monday 6 May until and including Friday 17 May.
Remove the existing kerb, remove existing median island, install drainage pits, install retaining walls where applicable.
Week 3-4          from Monday 20 May until and including Friday 31 May.
Remove existing road surface, install new kerbs and median islands, install new asphalt road surface, backfill behind kerbs, plant new street trees.
Week 5-6          General clean up and reinstatement.
Works are expected to occur during normal working hours [between 07:00am and 05:00pm] on weekdays. Some Saturday work may occur to complete the project on time.
Some crossovers may need to be modified by the Town’s contractor to better match any new road or kerb levels. When this occurs, please do not move the cones as concrete may be curing or asphalt cooling. During this time, alternate arrangements may need to be made when accessing your property. Removing or ignoring cones can lead to confusion, damage to vehicles or road surface and delays in the project.


Underground Power Project

The undergrounding of power to the final pocket of the Town of Claremont commenced in May 2018. The project will run for approximately 14 months with a planned completion around July 2019, weather and contractor conditions permitting. 
Please click here to view the Project Start-Up Newsletter. Below is a map of zone areas as well as an up-to-date table of estimated start and completion dates for each zone (updated 15 February 2019).

Please note the Estimated Start and Estimated Completion dates in the table below have changed from those originally publicised in the 2018 Project Start Up information pack dated 30 April 2018. 

  Estimated Start Date Estimated Completion Date
Zone 1 May 2018 February 2019 (complete)
Zone 2 June 2018 May 2019 (complete)
Zone 3 June 2018 May 2019
Zone 4 October 2018 June 2019
Zone 5 November 2018 June 2019
Zone 6 January 2019 June 2019
Zone 7 February 2019 July 2019
Zone 8 February 2019 July 2019
Zone 9 August 2018 April 2019 (complete)
Project Completion   July 2019

Last updated 15 May 2019. 

Please click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions. 

To view a map of the high voltage transmission powerlines (66v and 132v) that will not be removed, please click here.



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