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The Capital Works Program has been developed to meet anticipated community infrastructure needs and the future development of the Town to align with the strategic plan, driven by population growth, requirements of the community and asset management.  These works include footpath replacement, traffic management treatments and road re-sheeting works among other minor capital works.

Major projects

Claremont Museum upgrade 

The Town's Claremont Museum was closed in January 2017 in preparation for an upgrade. The closure facilitated a major review of the Town's collection and planning for the new facility.

Consultation of neighbouring residents and stakeholder groups has led to the development of a concept plan for the museum site.

The project involves upgrading the existing office, museum building and carpark as well as replacing the storage building and renovating the public toilets facility.
The museum was built in 1862 and was the state’s first municipal museum when the Town opened the building in 1975. Two of the buildings were deemed either tired or not fit for purpose, and after extensive community consultation, Council resolved to upgrade the facilities to best meet the future needs of the community.

Project funding allocated in the Town’s budget includes $500,000 for the museum renovations, $200,000 for public toilet facility upgrades, and $130,000 for an upgrade of the carpark. In addition the Town secured a $760,000 Lotterywest grant to include a new community facility to support public programs and activities as part of this $1.26 million project. 

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Click here to view the concept plan for the site

Claremont Museum Redevelopment

The Town would like to advise that the redevelopment of the Claremont Museum is scheduled to commence on Monday 25 January, 2021.
Mrs Herbert's Park, the playground, and foreshore access will remain open for use by members of the community. Most of the carpark will be fenced for use by the construction company whilst construction is underway. As a result, designated public parking will be permitted on the upper grassed area for this period.

Claremont Train Station upgrade 

The Public Transport Authority identified Claremont Train Station as the best location for trains to turn back towards Perth to support the Forrestfield-Airport Link.  The proposed project also includes a broader upgrade of the station's facilities.

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Inquiries regarding this work can be directed to the Claremont Station Project on 9326 3666, email or visit

Claremont McKenzie Pavilion Redevelopment Project

The Town would like to advise that the redevelopment of the McKenzie Pavilion is scheduled to commence with the works zone fencing being erected from 2 March 2021.
The demolition of the old structure is currently scheduled for 11 March 2021 and the redevelopment workswill follow and are scheduled to be completed before Christmas 2021.

More information

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Upcoming capital works

Residents living within the proximity of these upcoming works will have received correspondence from the Town providing project details.  If you have any queries regarding these works, please contact us.

Renewal works- Maude Jackson Lane 

Maude Jackson lane is being refreshed with the replacement of roof sheets, the refurbishment of the existing steel structure and the installation of festoon lighting.  Works are expected to occur during typical working hours (7am to 5pm) on weekdays.  The goal is to complete the works before Friday 26 February 2021, weather and contractor availability permitting. 

Road Rehabilitation Project 2020-21 - Butler Avenue, Swanbourne

We are pleased to advise that the road rehabilitation project for Butler Avenue is rescheduled to commence on Tuesday, 2 March 2021. Worls are expected to occue during working hours, between 7am and 5pm on weekdays. The Goal is to complete the works by Friday 12 March, 2012, weather and contractor availability permitting.

Claremont Crescent - Long term road closure 

As part of the State Government’s Metronet Claremont station project, the Public Transport Authority has a long-term single lane road closure of Claremont Crescent, west of Stirling Road, for westbound traffic. The lane closure will accommodate critical works along the train line and ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclist, motorists and personnel performing the work. The closure will also act as a temporary principle shared path (PSP) as the main PSP will be closed between Graylands Road and Australind Street for the duration of the works. These closures will be in place for up to eight months to March 2021. 

Claremont Crescent - Update November 2020

Civil works to support the installation of turnback infrastructure between Barnfield Road and Claremont Crescent, and the construction of the new retaining walls on either side of the rail reserve, are due to commence.
To safely undertake these works in accordance with national guidelines, additional vegetation clearing is required within the rail reserve. Seven peppermint trees on Public Transport Authority-managed land on Claremont Crescent West need to be removed in order to:
• provide adequate working room for machinery to build the northern retaining wall
• ensure that workers comply with Safe Work Australia Excavation Work Code of Practice, where plant and material must be kept away from the zone of influence
• fulfil rail safety requirements to provide safe working room at track level.
The project team has investigated alternative construction methodologies to avoid the removal of trees, however none of these options were possible due to insufficient space to carry out the works safely. We understand the community highly values the flora of the area, and the removal of trees is only undertaken as a last resort.
The PTA will be revegetating the area when landscaping is undertaken mid-2021, which includes planting the same numbers of trees as removed. The landscaping concept will be developed in consultation with the Town of Claremont in the coming months. For more information please contact the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia.


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