Local students join Council for a day

Local students join Council for a day

Students from Freshwater Bay Primary School got a rare insight into the inner workings of Local Government yesterday on a field trip to the Town of Claremont offices.

The year four students were joined by Councillors Annette Suann and Jill Goetze to see first-hand the important and varied functions performed by the Town.

Deputy Mayor Annette Suann said it was vital to educate students about the overall workings of the Town on behalf of the community, from the Mayor’s leadership at the top, the role of the Councillors and their responsibility to governance, and explaining the way this interrelates with the administration to provide the range of community services and facilities each day.

“It’s a great way to demonstrate how decisions at a local level are made, and how we operate in a democratic society,” Cr Suann said.

“I hope the visit not only showed students the essential roles we play throughout Claremont, but also the diverse range of career opportunities in local government as well.”

The students are learning about the three levels of government for Humanities and Social Sciences, with a focus at the local level and the services that councils provide for the community.

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