Council grant supports youth chaplaincy program

Council grant supports youth chaplaincy program

Town of Claremont continues to support the hard work of Shenton Christian YouthCARE Council, assisting local youth through their chaplaincy program at Shenton College.

YouthCARE support the social, emotional and mental health of students, staff and families within a school community.

Shenton Christian YouthCARE Council received a $5,000 grant from the Town to support their pastoral care program provided by chaplains at Shenton College, Mt Claremont and Swanbourne Primary Schools.

Mayor Barker said the Town had been providing annual financial support for the chaplains at Shenton College since 2011.

“Providing a strong support network for our young community is vital for a solid foundation for their future,” Mayor Barker said.

“We are pleased to once again support the work the chaplains do at Shenton College and recognise the value to the community of pastoral care for our youth.”

YouthCARE run programs for students and staff including lunchtime groups, social emotional and physical programs as well as community and mentoring programs.  YouthCARE chaplains are there to listen, and provide a supportive place to talk. They offer confidential, non-judgmental pastoral care and programs based on respect, compassion and service.

YouthCARE Chief Operating Officer Michael Norman said the Town’s contribution would assist to maintain chaplaincy services at Shenton College and several local primary schools.

“The Town’s contribution will support the two chaplains at Shenton College after 2020 saw numbers at the college increase significantly to 2,406 students, greatly increasing the demand for pastoral care,” Mr Norman said.

“Our chaplains work closely with local children and young people to assist in creating a proud, positive and safe community.”

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