A note from Judge of Le Parc Lumiere

A note from Judge of Le Parc Lumiere

"I was very impressed with the quality of work at Le Parc Lumiere. The inspiring mixture of works utilising and drawing upon different techniques and artistic approaches meant the diversity of works made for an event that was exploratitry and exciting for the visitors and guests that enjoyed the event."


The Town of Claremont did an excellent job of displaying the work around the park, which was filled with excited children and adults alike on the night I visited, all interacting with the pieces and stimulating the exploring visitors. 


I found myself lost in the works for over a few hours and really enjoyed meeting the talented mix of artists and interacting with their works. 


Here in Perth, we are so removed from the trends and competition of other parts of the world, and our own unique creative identity flourishes as a result and I feel this was evident in all of the works. 


I feel that art and design here in Western Australia incorporates a variety of influences – ancient and thriving Aboriginal cultures and arts, the rich multiculturalism that makes up our city and our proximity to ocean, river and bush. The event was a melting pot of different techniques, cultures and approaches and a beautiful way for community of all ages to come together to interact and enjoy.

- Sam Fazzari


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