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Strategic Community Plan


Under the Local Government Act (1995) all local governments are required to develop and adopt two key documents; a Strategic Community Plan and a Corporate Business Plan.

The Strategic Community Plan is the overarching document that sets out in broad terms the visions, aspirations and objectives of the community. The Strategic Community Plan has been developed following extensive consultation with the Town of Claremont community and stakeholders. The Plan forms the basis for the Town’s projects and endeavours for the decade ahead. From the Strategic Community Plan, the Town develops its Corporate Business Plan which sets out key priorities, projects, services, resource requirements and performance measures in delivering the Strategic Community Plan over the next four years.

Click here to read the Claremont Ahead 2027- Strategic Community Plan.
Click here to read the results of the 2017 Community Scorecard survey that was undertaken as part of the review of the Strategic Community Plan.
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August 2017
September 2017

Budget 2017-18

At its meeting of 4 July 2017, Claremont Council adopted its Budget 2017-18. The Town’s Budget will be funded by a rate increase of 1 per cent taking into account the Consumer Price Index (CPI W.A.) increase of 1 per cent .

Click here to view the Town's Budget 2017-18.
Click here to view the Town's Schedule of Fees.

Annual Report 2016-17

Click here to view the Town of Claremont's Annual Report 2016-17. The Annual Report will be presented at the Annual General Electors meeting on Thursday 7 December 2017.

Annual Report 2015-16

Click here to view the Town of Claremont's Annual Report 2015-16. To view previous reports search the Forms and Publications section under Our Town.