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Plastic Free July

Every year worldwide we generate 300 million tonnes of plastic waste. Less than 20% of plastic waste is recycled in Australia with the rest ending up in landfill or worse out into the environment (DAWE 2019).

The Town of Claremont is committed to working towards a sustainable future and we invite you to share in this initiative.

This July lets work together to reduce this figure by avoiding single use plastics or swapping them for reusable alternatives. Last year, the initiative saw participants collectively prevent 900 million kg of plastic waste from going into landfill.

Single use plastic items to avoid

The top 4 single use plastic items to avoid are:

  • Take-away coffee cups
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Plastic straws
  • Water bottles

Using your own shopping bags, bringing a reusable mug or straw or filling up your own water bottle are quick and easy ways to lower your plastic use.

Other changes include avoiding plastic wrap for food items, buying in bulk to reduce packaging or simply choosing ice cream in a cone over a cup can make the difference.
It is not about being perfect but together we can all do our best to be plastic free this July.
To find out more information or to register for the challenge please go to

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