Precinct Parking

Precinct Parking

The Town has developed a new on-street parking plan to make it easier and faster to find a parking space within your neighbourhood.  Demand for on-street parking has gradually grown with the increased development of residential units and commercial office space, expansion of private schools faculties, Bethesda Hospital and aged care facilities.  Community consultation undertaken in 2017 highlighted parking and dealing with peak traffic as priorities for the Town to focus on.  The plan divides the Town into 7 precincts with parking requirements tailored specifically to the needs within each zone.

Please click here to download a parking permit application form. 

Timed Parking is applicable from Monday to Friday and 8.30am-12pm Saturday, no restrictions will apply on Sundays.

Parking permits allow resident to park within the precinct for up to 72 hours.
Click on the map below to see individual street parking restrictions. 
Central-West-(1).jpg  Central-(1).jpg   Central-East-(2).jpg  Central-South-(1).jpg   Central-North-(1).jpg   Loch-St-(1).jpg

Albert Street - 2 hour parking
Barnfield Road– 2 hour parking
Chatsworth Terrace – 2 hour parking
Dean Street – 2 hour parking
Grange Street – 2 hour parking
Kingsmill Street – 2 hour parking
Mount Street – 2 hour restrictions
Parry Street – 2 hour parking

Central North
Central Avenue (Shenton Road to Fern Street – 2 hour parking
Franklin Street (Rob Roy to Claremont Crescent) – 2 hour parking
Saladin Street- 2 hour parking
No Timed Parking
Aceway Lane, Alfred Road (Davies Road to Narla Road), Brassey Street, Butler Avenue, Brian Walker Lane, Claremont Crescent (Servetus Street to Stirling Road), Cornwall Street, Deakin Street, Derby Street, Devon Road, Eastway Crescent, Franklin Street (Shenton Road to Rob Roy Street), Fraser Street, Glenway Crescen, Gloucester Street, Kott Terrace, Melway Lane, Mitford Street, Myera Street, Narla Road, Otway Street, Rob Roy Street, Fern Street, Garden Street, Bellevue Terrace, Saunders Street, Servetus Street, Australind Street.

Central West
Cliff Road – 2 hour parking
No Timed Parking
Airlie Street, Anstey Road, Bindaring Parade, Brae Road, Cliff Way, Corry Lynn Road, Minderup Close, Osborne Parade, Prospect Street, Prospect Place, Richardson Avenue, Renown Avenue, Wilson Street.


Central South
Bay View Terrace – 2 hour parking
Dunbar Road – 2 hour parking
Bay Road – 3 hour parking
John Street – 2 hour parking
Jetty Road – 2 hour parking
Freshwater Parade – 2 hour parking
Park Lane – 2 hour parking
Pennell Road – 2 hour parking
Princess Road – 2 hour parking
Victoria Avenue – 2 hour parking
No Timed Parking
Agett Road, Bernard Street, Caxton Road, Evelyn Road, Freshwater Close, George Avenue, Goldsmith Road, Hammond Road, Jenkins Avenue, King Street, Koeppe Road, Loton Road, Melvista Avenue, Parker Road, Queen Street, Queenslea Drive, Riley Road, Scott Street, Stone Road, Thomson Road, Warwick Street.

Central East
Brown Street – 2 hour parking
Gugeri Street (Melville Street to Chancellor Street) – 2 hour parking
Walter Street – 2 hour parking
Langsford Street – 2 hour parking
Loch Street – 2 hour parking
Mary Street – 2 hour parking
Reserve Street – 2 hour parking
Smith Street – 2 hour parking
Vaucluse Street – 2 hour parking
Rowe Park – 2 hour parking
No Timed Parking
Chancellor Street, College Road, Gugeri Street (Mary Street to Melville Street), Melville Street, Senate Street, Stevens Street, Warden Street.
Davies Road (Lakeway Street to Shenton Road) – 2 hour parking
Kyle Way – 2 hour parking
Lapsley Road – 2 hour parking
Graylands Road (Shenton Road to Lapsley Road – 2 hour parking
Tiger Way -  2 hour parking
No Timed Parking
Alfred Road, Claremont Crescent, Davies Road (Lakeway to Alfred Road), Elliott Road, Graylands Road, Harvey Lane, Lakeway Street, Motteram Avenue, Tapper Lane.
Loch Street
Second Avenue (Brockway Road to Ashton Avenue) – 2 hour parking
Ashton Avenue – Portion of street has 30 minute parking
No Timed Parking
Alfred Road (Brockway to Graylands Road), Brockway Road, First Avenue, Judge Avenue, Mengler Avenue, Mofflin Avenue, Second Avenue (Ashton Avenue to Graylands Road), Stubbs Terrace.