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Lodging a Building Application

Electronic                             Large file upload
                                                Via email (limited 10MB) –
                                                USB via post 

Hard copy                           via post PO Box 54, Claremont WA 6910 or; 
                                                In person at 308 Stirling Highway, Claremont WA 6010

Note: Approvals will be issued electronically unless otherwise requested by submission of application.

Building Fee Calculator

Fees Payable

Construction and training fund levy $
Please include a complete Construction Training Fund Levy Form or if payment is made directly to the Construction Training Fund please provide proof of payment to the Town with electronic submissions.
infrastructure damage bond $
total $

Payment of the relevant fees can be made over the phone (9285 4300), at the front counter at the Town or by completing the credit card authorisation form found on the Town's website.


OVERVIEW Document/Link
Checklist for Building Permit and Demolition Permit Applications Checklist
Link to all Building Application forms including; Certified, Uncertified, Demolition, Occupancy and Building Approval Certificates
Building Approval Forms
Link to Construction Training Fund online portal for payment of the BCITF levy CTF online portal
A Credit Card Authorisation form is required when submitting applications electronically Credit Card Authorisation Form
Sign Licence application form in accordance with the Town of Claremont Local Laws where limited discretion applies and Development Approval may be required
Application for Sign Licence
An overview of the building approvals process, prepared by the Building Commission to assist those in the building industry, home-owners, permit authority clients and staff, owner-builders and building industry students.
A guide to the building approvals process in WA
All pools, spas and safety barriers in the Town of Claremont are required to have building approval prior to installation. Pool inspections are carried out every 4 years by the Town to ensure compliance. For information about the safety requirements please view the Rules for Pools and Spas booklet developed by the Department of Commerce. Rules for Pools and Spas
Archival information Search Request form – to obtain details relative to former Building Licences and Permits, Sign Licences or any other approval issued by the Town Search Request Form
Certification form to be completed by Building Surveyor attesting to compliance with the deemed –to-comply requirements of the R-Codes and planning requirements Single House Verification Certificate
Application to verify compliance with “written laws” relative to Planning requirements inclusive of compliance with the deemed-to-comply provisions of the Residential Design Codes, Town Planning Scheme No. 3 and Council’s Policies Planning Certification Form
An asbestos removal form is required when removing asbestos from a property. Asbestos Removal Form
Building Classes information sheet Building Classes information sheet
Decommissioning and removal of a pool or spa Decommissioning and removal of a pool or spa
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Drainage, Verge and Crossovers

The Town requires that all new developments seek infrastructure clearance.  This clearance must be sought prior to or at the time of lodging a building permit application. The Town can then advise the applicant of any conflicting issues at the development stage.

If clearance is not sought and conflicts are later identified, the Town reserves the right to request modifications for which the property owner will bear the full cost.

The infrastructure clearance will also assess and clear any engineering conditions of the development approval which may include; new crossovers, stormwater drainage, modifications to verge assets, finished floor levels, vehicle parking and manoeuvrability, easements and landscape plans.

  • CROSSOVERS AND VEHICLE ACCESS - Council approval is required prior to the construction of a new crossover, or the modification of an existing crossover.  They must be constructed to the Town’s standards and specifications.  Where a new premises is constructed the Town will contribute 50% towards the cost of the new crossover up to $500.  This subsidy will also apply when upgrading an existing bitumen crossover to current standards and specifications.  Download the current standard drawing, specifications and an Application Form. Download an Application for Crossover Subsidy here. 
  • Click here to fill out a Work Zone Application permit to request permission to work on or utilise the verge, footpath, or road.
  • To request street tree removal or pruning click here.  For detailed information on Trees please click here
  • For information on new verge treatments or making changes to existing verge treatments please click here
  • For the Town's storm water drainage requirements please click here
  • Prior to conducting works please lodge a Dial Before You Dig request by clicking here
  • On completion of your works a request for refund of Damage Bond is required.  Please click here for a Damage Bond Refund application form.
 Other useful references:

Asbestos Awareness information.

Sediment and dust control on development sites (building and subdivision works) is controlled under Council's Site Erosion and Sand Drift Local Law 2016.

Sediment Control Brochure
Sand Drift Prevention and Sediment Control Guidelines for Building Sites

The Building Act 2011 introduces a new building approval process for Western Australia.

The Building Act 2011 and Building Regulations 2012 replaces the Building Regulations 1989 much of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960. Department  of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

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