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The Town believes it is important that the views of the broader community and stakeholders are obtained so that they can be considered to guide the decision making process.  The Town values feedback and will endeavour to maximise community and stakeholder participation in its activities.

Current Consultation Projects
Previous Consultation Projects

Current Consultation Projects

There are no project open for consultation

Claremont Town Planning Scheme No. 3 Amendment No. 139: Bethesda Hospital
Preliminary Consultation (closed)
At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 17 April 2018, Council resolved to undertake preliminary consultation on the proposed Scheme Amendment No. 139 to its Town Planning Scheme No. 3. The feedback period is now closed. 

Click here to view Minutes from the  Ordinary Council Meeting held 17 April, 2018
Click here  to view the information pack recently sent to nearby residents
Click here to view the the amendment proposal.
Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Town’s Planning Department on 9285 4300.

Proposed Wearne Redevelopment - Draft Concept Master Plan (closed)

Curtin Care is a not-for-profit registered charity. Its main purpose is the providing of aged care related services on a not for profit basis. Curtin Care owns and is the approved aged care provider for Wearne Cottesloe.
Curtin Care is currently undergoing planning to redvelop Wearne Cottesloe to meet the needs of future generations, and it has identified that this site can provide an increased number of high quality aged care accommodation and lifestyle options, including serviced apartments, independent living units and other amenities to meet the need for aged care in this community. 

Click here to view the Draft Concept Master Plan.
For further information on Curtin Care, click here.

The feedback period is now closed.

Claremont Town Planning Scheme No. 3 Amendment No. 135 - Amending Zoning of Lot 90 Fern Street, Swanbourne (closed)

The feedback period of the proposed Amendment Scheme is now closed.
At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 27 June 2017, Council resolved to initiate Scheme Amendment 135 to its Town Planning Scheme No. 3 for the purpose of amending the ‘Residential’ zoning of Lot 90 Fern Street to ‘Local Reserves – Recreation’.
Feedback was sought from nearby landowners and residents that may be affected by this amendment. 
Click here to view the Local Planning Scheme Amendment No. 135.
More information will be announced in the coming months. 

Town of Claremont Sustainability Action Plan (closed)

As a result of the feedback from the Strategic Community Plan – Claremont Ahead 2027, the Town of Claremont is developing a Sustainability Action Plan.

The Town is keen to support and implement environmentally sustainable initiatives that are realistic and relevant to our community. We are seeking your view on how important this is to you. Five key focus areas for the research have been identified; Energy, Transport, Waste, Water and Greenspace.

This survey is now closed, feedback will be used to draft the Sustainability Action Plan. 
*Click here to view the terms and conditions.


St Louis Estate Master Plan & Local Development Plan (closed)


The feedback period for the proposed Draft Masterplan and Local Development Plan for the St Louis Estate Retirement Village is now closed. 
Click here to view the information package sent to residents and owners.
Click here to view the St Louis Estate Masterplan.
Click here to view extract of Minutes of Council Meeting of 21 November, 2017.
More information will be announced in the coming months.

Swanbourne Local Centre Planning Study (closed)

The Town is currently preparing a Planning Study for the Swanbourne Local Centre. The Planning Study will investigate issues relevant to Swanbourne and identify opportunities for the centre’s future. An important part of the study is to find out what the local community would like to see in Swanbourne – what you love, what needs to be improved, and what type of place Swanbourne should be.  We extend an invitation to interested community members to be involved  in a brief online survey or to attend one of our ‘Swanbourne Says’ Open House sessions.

Loch Street Station Precinct Structure Plan (closed)

The Town has been requested to prepare a Structure Plan for the Loch Street Station Precinct by the Western Australian Planning Commission.  The draft has been prepared and was referred to Council on 27 June 2017 for endorsement to commence public consultation. 

 The consultation period has now concluded, all submissions are being assessed for referrral back to the Council for consideration.

 If you have any queries on this matter please contact the Town’s Planning office by phoning 9285 4300.

Underground Power (closed)

Please click here to view a map of properties within the Town that do not currenty have underground power.  The owners of these properties were urged to complete a short survey to indicate support or otherwise for proceeding with a project to sink power lines in this area. 

The undergrounding of power to the final pocket of the Town of Claremont was supported by more than 80% of survey respondents and, as such, the project will commence within the 2017-18 financial year.

Over the coming months, the Town will work with Western Power to develop a scope of works for the project, which is likely to then proceed early in 2018.

To read more about this project and to view the full letter to residents and FAQs please click here. To view a map of the high voltage transmission powerlines (66v and 132v) that will not be removed, please click here.

Draft Budget 2017-18 (Closed)

The Draft Budget 2017-18 is now available for viewing  by clicking here or by visiting the Claremont Council Administration Office (308 Stirling Hwy, Claremont, between 8.30am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday).
Residents and ratepayers are invited to submit their comments on the draft by email to ,   post (PO Box 54 Claremont WA 6910), or in person at the Town’s Administration Office, 308 Stirling Hwy, Claremont by 5:00pm Wednesday 31 May 2017.

MARKYT Community Scorecard

Thank you to everyone who responded to the recent commnunity survey asking for your views and ideas about how your local area and quality of life can be improved. 

Results of the survey can be viewed here.

Precinct Parking - Central North (closed)

The initial consultation period for the above project has now closed.  The Town has received some substantial and valuable feedback and would like to thank residents for their input into this process.  Over the coming weeks, we will be assessing and reviewing the feedback received and will be in contact with the residents of the Central North precinct early in 2017.

In the interim, if you have any queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Town's Senior Ranger on 9285 4300 or

Shape the future of waste and recycling in WA (closed)

On behalf of the State Government, the Waste Authority is reviewing the waste strategy which sets the long-term strategic direction and identifies priorities for waste in the State. The feedback provided will be a useful tool in changing the Western Australian Waste Strategy, a long-term plan that drives continuous improvement in waste avoidance, waste services and resource recovery.
The Western Metropolitan Regional Council will be providing a joint submission on behalf of its Member Councils. To find out more click here to visit WMRC website.