Sensational young cellist set to perform with WASO

Sensational young cellist set to perform with WASO

A talented young Perth cellist will take to the stage when the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) plays in Claremont Park this month.

Max Wung, 15, will perform two stunning solos with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra at A Night on Bay View, the Town of Claremont’s free outdoor concert on 15 February 2020.

Max said the concert represents a significant opportunity in his musical career.

“I have so much respect for WASO – they’re a fantastic orchestra full of very talented people, so being asked to perform with them as a soloist is an honour,” Max said.

“Being able to play for a local audience makes A Night on Bay View even more special. I’m so excited to have my friends and family in the audience for such a big moment in my musical development.”

Max will perform Prayer by Bloch and Popper’s Dance of the Elves (Elfentanz), two very different pieces that demonstrate the extraordinary range of the young cellist’s talent.

Dance of the Elves is fast and furious – it has a bit of a Flight of the Bumblebee feel to it. And then on the other side there’s Bloch’s Prayer, which is meditative and moving. They both come with their own challenges and emotions, which I really hope the audience will be able to connect with.”

An academic scholarship student at the International School of Western Australia, Max has been studying under French cellist Gautier Capuçon as part of WASO’s Young & Emerging Artist Program.

Despite his young age, Max has already performed at festivals, competitions, and concerts around the world.
Claremont Mayor Jock Barker said the Town was proud to be able to support such a bright up-and-coming talent.

“As well as bringing a high-quality cultural event to our Town, one of the reasons we approached WASO for A Night on Bay View is the opportunities they create for the next generation of musicians,” Mayor Barker said.

“Max is phenomenally accomplished for his age, so we’re extremely lucky to have him playing right here in Claremont. I have a feeling that, in years to come, we’ll all be telling our friends that we once saw that young man play in our own neighbourhood.”

A Night on Bay View is performed by WASO on Saturday 15 February in Claremont Park. The concert starts at 7pm, with picnicking and food stalls from 6pm.

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