Recyclable road trial for Claremont

Recyclable road trial for Claremont

Last week, Mayor Jock Barker visited Boral contractors on site to witness the resurfacing of a suburban street using a new road seal made of recycled materials.

The road resurfacing along Mofflin Avenue in Claremont is the second street in Western Australia to trial a sustainable seal consisting of more than 10 per cent recycled materials, including over 30,000 glass bottles, close to 50,000 plastic bottles as well as vehicle tyres and recycled asphalt.

Mayor Jock Barker said the sustainable seal was a great use for recyclable materials, and something all Councils and government entities should be looking into using for future projects.

“It’s fantastic to be able to reuse recycled goods in such as positive way, helping create a road that will last more than 30 years,” Mayor Barker said.

“The Town is proud to be able to promote innovative and sustainable products and services such as sustainable road seal on our roads, geothermal heating at our pool, solar panels on our offices as well as looking into energy efficient vehicles for our Town fleet.”

“These are just small things that our Council can do to reduce our eco footprint for the benefit of future generations.”

Boral’s Western Australia Regional General Manager John Ralph said the company wanted to be part of the solution to reducing landfill waste and aimed to make a real difference by promoting sustainable practices.

“We are contributing to a positive environmental impact, landfill avoidance and re-use of material through our asphalt pavement operations,” Mr Ralph said.

Approximately 125 tonnes of recycled road base was poured along the 1500 square metre road.

Future use of recycled road base is estimated to be approximately 10 per cent more cost than normal mix.

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