DAP win for Claremont

DAP win for Claremont

Town of Claremont Mayor Jock Barker is pleased with the outcome of last week’s Joint Development Assessment Panel’s refusal of an application for a child care centre on Alfred Road in Claremont.

Several community members, representatives from the Town and the applicant’s architect, traffic engineer and urban designer addressed the Panel members to represent their views and concerns.

“The refusal of the application is an excellent outcome for the Town and the Alfred Road & Butler Avenue locals who would have been considerably impacted had the development proceeded. I am pleased the Town and our residents were given the opportunity to put their views across. I wish the applicant every success in finding an appropriate site for their centre in the future,” Mayor Barker said.

The Town raised a number of concerns regarding the proposal including the detrimental impact on the residential amenity due to increased traffic volumes and safety, on street parking as well as visual amenity. The proposal was inconsistent with the Town’s Local Planning Scheme and Policy as it was not contained within a preferred zone and impacting on the local residents and amenity of the surrounding area.

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