Claremont Cares – support for community & business

Claremont Cares – support for community & business

The Town of Claremont has prepared a plan to support residents and local business impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  As a local government area with 17% of residents over 70 years of age, the focus has been on reaching out to these residents to ensure they can access the services and support they need.

“From the very start of pandemic, our number one priority has been the safety and wellbeing of our community.  As we have an older than average population we felt it was critical to get in touch with these residents as soon as possible,” Mayor Jock Barker said.

The Town’s immediate response to the Health Department directives was to develop the Claremont Cares community support strategy. The first step saw staff and Elected Members hand delivering a postcard to every household offering support and encouraging residents to either go online or call to complete a short survey to ascertain their needs, if any. 

“I have no doubt that there are some tough times ahead for many of our residents and businesses and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to everyone impacted.  The Town will continue to do what we can to support those going through economic and emotional stress.

Council has already approved a freeze on municipal rates increases, municipal service fees and commercial rates through the 2020/2021 budget.

"It is a time of rapid change for us all, and we will continue to adapt our service delivery to our community where we can to best meet their needs,” Mayor Jock Barker said.

The Claremont Cares strategy includes a number of initiatives, from wellbeing phone calls, to Meals on Wheels, and home maintenance for those more vulnerable in our community.

The Town’s Claremont Cares plan also includes support for local businesses including a social media campaign, Discover Claremont at Home to encourage the community to shop local by promoting open and active businesses. 

The Town is also offering support and advice on adapting businesses to meet Health Department directives while operating as well as advice and support in applying for financial relief through government grants and subsidies.

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