ACROD parking bays are ‘Someone’s Day’, new WA campaign tells drivers

ACROD parking bays are ‘Someone’s Day’, new WA campaign tells drivers

Town of Claremont is pleased to support National Disability Services and the ACROD Parking Program in a new community education campaign which aims to reduce the misuse of ACROD parking bays.

Featuring the message “This Bay is Someone’s Day: Park Right Day and Night”, the campaign launched last week to coincide with International Day of People with Disability.

It aims to highlight the impact that parking in ACROD bays without a permit can have on someone’s day.
Mayor Jock Barker said ACROD bays throughout the Town would feature stickers to remind drivers that ‘This Bay is Someone’s Day’ and ‘Park Right, Day and Night.’

“You see a lot of illegal parking in ACROD bays, usually for people just quickly stopping, but it is illegal and it can make a huge difference to ACROD permit holders who require those bays for their daily errands,” Mayor Barker said. “Hopefully the stickers at each of our most prevalent bays will be a reminder of the correct use of these parking bays.”

To coincide with the campaign, the State Government has increased on-the-spot fines for illegally parking in an ACROD bay from $300 to $500. Court imposed penalties have increased from $2000 to $5000.

National Disability Services WA State Manager Julie Waylen said the campaign was initiated in response to permit holder concerns about the illegal use of ACROD parking bays.

“Research we undertook with people who illegally use ACROD bays suggested a lack of understanding about the real-life implications for permit holders when they are unable to access an ACROD parking bay,” Ms Waylen said.

“The reality is that parking in an ACROD bay without a permit can take away a person’s independence and stop them going about their day.”

Currently more than 90,000 West Australians with severe mobility restrictions have an ACROD permit.

The Town of Claremont is one of 25 local government areas and seven shopping centres across WA which are supporting National Disability Services to facilitate this campaign, in partnership with RAC and funding from the Department of Communities.

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