WASO prepares for A Night on Bay View

WASO prepares for A Night on Bay View

The West Australian Symphony Orchestra is busy preparing for A Night on Bay View, a free concert presented by the Town of Claremont.

Performed under the stars in Claremont Park, this elegant evening of songs and symphony will include popular highlights from some of the most loved composers of all time, including Mozart and Johann Strauss.

Performing outdoors presents a unique set of challenges for an orchestra that typically rehearses indoors.
David Cotgreave, WASO’s Production & Technical Manager said of the outdoor performance, “Outdoor events are unique and have their own set of challenges. Imagine you walk into the Perth Concert Hall, there’s walls, a roof, a stage, chairs, dressing rooms, storage, toilets, cleaners, ushers, crew, lights, speakers and many more facilities in order to put on a show.

"When you start working on an outdoor event there’s nothing, you have a blank canvas and have to create everything from scratch,  the venue won’t event exist until you start bumping it in the week, or a few days, before the show.

"During my career I’ve put shows into many different outdoor environments, a remote quarry in Boya, the old Perth Esplanade where we catapulted pianos through the air or flooded the stage with 66,000 litres of water, launched fireworks from the Swan River and had a procession of 12m tall flaming birds wander through Supreme Court Gardens. Each one is unique and has their own challenges but they all have similar challenges; in general, planning for an outdoor event can take considerably more effort than an indoor event because you have to bring everything with you, (and inside you don’t have to deal with 45 degree heat or torrential rain, howling winds and thunderstorms).”

Mayor Jock Barker said understanding some of the technical considerations involved in delivering A Night on Bay View made the event even more special.

“Sitting under the stars while one of Australia’s leading orchestras performs a collection of the classical greats really will be a spectacular experience,” Mayor Barker said.

“When you add to that all the technical, logistical and expertise involved in performing outdoors, you really begin to appreciate just how special A Night on Bay View is.”

A Night on Bay View is a free community event taking place on Saturday 9 March in Claremont Park from 5-8pm, with the concert commencing at 6pm.

Guests are welcome to bring their own seats and picnics, and a range of food options will also be available to purchase from 5pm.
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