Town of Claremont increases Lake Claremont bird patrols

The Town of Claremont has significantly increased its patrols following the discovery of six dead birds at Lake Claremont.

Field Officers have found five black ducks and one moorhen this week – five on Wednesday and one on Thursday.

The Town believes a possible cause is avian botulism. This can occur around wetlands and lakes when water levels are low and the weather is unseasonably warm, which allows bacteria toxic to birds to develop.

Mayor Jack Barker said the Town was taking a proactive approach in order to reduce the spread of the disease.

“Claremont is home to nearly 90 different species of birds, many of which live in and around Lake Claremont. It’s vital that we do everything we can to protect the wildlife that call our Town home,” Mayor Barker said.

“By significantly increasing our patrols around the lake, we will be able to remove any dead or unwell birds as quickly as possible, thereby reducing the spread of the disease.”

Members of the public who find a dead bird around Lake Claremont, or a bird that appears to be unwell or struggling, are encouraged to report it to the Town’s Rangers as soon as possible by calling 9285 4300. This number operates 24/7.
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