Town of Claremont recognises the value of small business

Town of Claremont recognises the value of small business

The Town of Claremont continues to improve the way it interacts with small businesses operating in its community, to ensure that it is offering an attractive location in which to establish and grow a small business.
Mayor Barker said that in addition to its Small Business Friendly Local Government Charter, the Town of Claremont has firmly established its commitment to being small business friendly through the Claremont Town Centre (CTC) initiative.

“The introduction of a specified area rate, matched by Council for the Claremont Town Centre (CTC) has seen the formation of the CTC Advisory Committee, a part time activation officer position and an annual activity plan to support businesses of the precinct,” said Mayor Barker.

Operational plans have included business workshops, activation programs, events, marketing and promotion campaigns, small business grant opportunities, website and social media development.

To ensure continual improvement and work with other local governments to identify common issues and streamline administration and regulation processes, the Town joined the Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative, which was developed by the Small Business Development Corporation.

“This is the only State Government agency focussed on supporting small business in Western Australia. As part of our Charter, the Town of Claremont has committed to providing high customer service, implementing a dispute resolution process to manage any disputes reported by small business and has put in place a 30-day payment cycle for all business transactions.

“The Town of Claremont really values its local small businesses and the many benefits they bring to the community including creating employment opportunities, providing goods and services and building a vibrant economy,” Mayor Barker said.
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