Smoking Ceremony connects with life at Lake Claremont

Smoking Ceremony connects with life at Lake Claremont

Town of Claremont joined Wadjuk Noongar elders for a Smoking Ceremony to bless the proposed ‘living stream’ at Lake Claremont.

The elders, and family who are related to the Lake Claremont Aboriginal Heritage Site, conducted the ceremony to connect with ancestors and the creation spirits residing in the area.

The spiritual ceremonies promote healing and the health and wellbeing of both the living and the dead.
The smoking is used to cleanse the people around, and to tell spirits that everyone has come in peace and wish no harm.

Town of Claremont CEO Liz Ledger said the ceremony created a very spiritual connection for everyone who attended.

“This was the first smoking ceremony that I have been fortunate enough to attend and appreciate being invited to such a sacred, spiritual ceremony,” Ms Ledger said.

“It was very nice to see our Town of Claremont’s contractors who will be working on the swale here to witness the ceremony along with volunteers from Friends of Lake Claremont.”

The living stream, or swale, will help to reduce sediment and runoff entering the main body of the lake, creating cleaner water for the wetlands in the area to flourish.

Works to install the swale have now commenced and are due to be finished in May in time for the winter rains.

Members of the family will monitor excavation works for aboriginal artefacts.
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