Claremont Town Centre a favourite for Perth shoppers

Claremont Town Centre a favourite for Perth shoppers

The Claremont Town Centre (CTC) project has been approved by the Town of Claremont for a further three years as results from a recent research program reflect high satisfaction by visitors to the popular shopping precinct.

Mayor Jock Barker said Council had supported a third term for the economic development joint initiative between the Town of Claremont and the business community, which has a focus to improve the prosperity and social well-being of the town centre.

“This week the CTC Advisory Committee was presented with the results of a recent research program that reflected an upward trend over the last two years in shopper experience satisfaction. Since its inception, the program’s operational activities have included seasonal activations, business workshops, small business grants, pop up events, free music concerts, lane way celebrations, charity support and a steady digital media presence," Mayor Barker said. 

“The ongoing cycle of continuous improvement and strengthening of relationships with positive, active members of our business community and the Small Business Development Corporation has gained momentum over the tenure of the program and presented consistent outcomes within the Town’s economic development portfolio."

Market research undertaken by an independent consultation has tracked both visitor and business perceptions over the last two years. Of those surveyed for the shopper research, 61 per cent were visitors to Claremont and 18 per cent residents, with the remaining sample segment identifying as workers and people coming to Claremont for entertainment and dining.

The report displayed positive un-promoted responses to questions that included how they would describe Claremont ‘upmarket, fancy, classy’, how Claremont makes them feel ‘happy, safe, comfortable and relaxed’. The top themes of what they felt Claremont was best known for was ‘high end fashion, luxury shopping, Claremont Quarter’, what they felt was different about Claremont ‘upmarket, classy, expensive, women’s fashion, safe, clean, new, convenient, good parking, village vibe, familiar, variety of shops.’

Of those surveyed 71 per cent have visited 5+ times in the last six months and 99 per cent agreed they intended to come back to Claremont.

“The results reflected a very positive outcome for the shopping precinct and continues to align with the CTC’s branding tag ‘the premier place to shop, dine and be entertained.’ The Town of Claremont and its business community works diligently to provide the best possible experiences for residents and our visitors and the research indicates that the CTC joint initiative is delivering a solid return on investment,” Mayor Barker said.

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