Policy Manual                                                                                                 


LV106 – Vehicle Access - Crossovers 
LV107 – Pavement Materials 
LV108 – Right Of Ways/Laneways 
LV109 – Damage Bonds (Construction Sites) 
LV110 – Road Way Kerbing 
LV111 – Kerbside Street Numbers 
LV115 – Private Property Maintenance 
LV121– Keeping of More Than Two Dogs on a Property 
LV125 – Footpaths 
LV130 – Mike Balfe Heritage Maintenance Grants 
LV131 – Precinct Parking Management 
LV132 – Parking Permits 
LV133 – Dogs in Public Places 
LV134 – Memorial Plaque 
LV135 – Grounds Subsidies for Local Sporting Clubs 
LV136 - Tree Canopy


PS200 – Alfresco Dining 
PS203 – Claremont Town Centre 

Environmental Sustainability

EN301 – Verge Protection Near Building Sites 
EN302 – Road Verges 
EN303 – Use and Management of Foreshore Reserves 
EN307 – Use of Reserves 
EN308 – Graffiti Eradication 
EN309 – Shade Over Public Playgrounds 
EN310 – Environmental Sustainability 


PE400 – Council Community Events 
PE402 – Leasing of Council Facilities to Community Groups 
PE403 – Public Art Collection 
PE404 – Sustainable Claremont – Community Support Program 

Leadership & Governance

LG500 – Effective People Management 
LG501 – Elimination of Violence, Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace 
LG503 – Annual Budget Process Timetable 
LG504 – Financial Reserve Accounts 
LG505 – Sustainable Loan Funding 
LG506 – Expenditure Variations – Operating Budget 
LG507 – Entertainment 
LG508 – Accounting 
LG509 - Purchasing 
LG510 – Disposal Policy 
LG511 – Investments 
LG512 – Corporate Purchasing Cards 
LG513 – Town of Claremont Branding 
LG514 – Closed Circuit Television Systems and Body Worn Camera Footage 
LG516 – Fees, Allowances and Expenses for Elected Members 
LG517 – Elected Members’ Reports on External Organisations, Committees and Formal Meetings Training and Continuing Professional Development 
LG518 – Records Management 
LG519 – Council Agenda Briefing Forums, Workshops and Briefing Sessions 
LG522 – Freeman of the Town 
LG523 – Executing of Documents 
LG524 – Discretionary Community Consultation 
LG526 – Asset Management 
LG527 – Fleet Management Policy 
LG528 – Gifts to Terminating Employees 
LG530 – Bank Account 
LG531 – Related Party Disclosures 
LG532 – Financial Hardship Policy 
LG533 – Complaints Management 
LG534 – Risk Management 
LG535 – Legislative Compliance 
LG536 – Public Interest Disclosure 
LG537 – Fraud Prevention 
LG538 – Appointment of Chief Executive Officer and Acting Chief Executive Officer 
LG539 – Elected Member and CEO Attendance at Events 
LG540 – Elected Member Training and Continuing Professional Development 
LG541 - Complaints Against Council Members, Committee Members and Candidates
LG 542 - Council Members Media Policy 
LG543 – Equal Opportunity 
LG544 – Work Health and Safety Policy 

Local Planning Policies

Local Planning Policy 101 – TV Satellite Dishes 
Local Planning Policy 104 – ‘Lakeway’ Design Guidelines 
Local Planning Policy 117 – Front Fences 
Local Planning Policy 123 – Retention of Residential Character 
Local Planning Policy 124 - Retention of Heritage Property and Assets 
Local Planning Policy 127 – Bicycle Parking and Facilities 
Local Planning Policy 128 – NEP Design Guidelines 
Local Planning Policy 129 – Residential Amenity 
Local Planning Policy 202 – Town Centre Zone Signage 
Local Planning Policy 205 – Public Parking 
Local Planning Policy 206 – Child Care Centres 
Local Planning Policy 207 - Public Art