Mindful May


Mindfulness can be described as awareness with intention.  The goal is to become aware of the inner workings of our mental, emotional and physical processes. The benefits are numerous: from helping you to relax, be calmer, reduce stress and anxiety to improving concentration and focus.
There are many ways to be more mindful and find inner connection; from meditation and yoga, joining a community group, learning a language or new skill. There are several things to try in the Claremont community this May.

Mindful May in Claremont:

Book a yoga, pilates or meditation class at one of the many places in Claremont.

Twisting Fish            www.twistingfish.com.au/
Balanze                       www.balanze.com.au
The Movement         www.mvmtsociety.com.au
Glide                            www.glideyoga.com.au
Xtend Barre                www.xtendbarre.com.au
Cardea Pilates            www.cardeapilates.com/
Studio Pilates             www.studiopilates.com

PLUS Tamara Yoga is hosting a special Living More Alive workshop
Saturday 15th May, 11am – 1pm.
To book visit: https://tamarayoga.com/workshops/
Visit the Claremont Library for special mindful baby rhyme time, crafternooners and story time. Or sit down for a little ’Zen’ time out, to read a book or colour the mandala colouring-in mural in the makerspace.
Or why not try something new! Join a conversational chat group – learn to knit or play Mah Jong.

Connect to nature, take some time in May to visit one of Claremont’s beautiful parks and enjoy a relaxing walk, outdoor fitness class or just sit and spend time connecting with yourself.

Men’s Sheds and the tools for better Mental Health
Showground’s Community Men Shed will be hosting Julian Pace from Happiness Co.
Julian is an emerging voice in happiness, emotional wellbeing and lived-experience mental health. The founder of Happiness Co, he has the goal to positively impact 10 million lives in 10 years. An engaging presenter that uses his own story to create the best environment for your team to gain an understanding of what it really takes to create fulfilment and happiness.
In this session he will share his story, but importantly he will share how he overcame the challenges he faced.

Wednesday 26th May, from 4:30pm enjoy a shed tour and sundowner.  Find out more and to book a place.



The first 50 customers who take their copy of Flourish into The Acai Corner will receive a free chai or turmeric latte with any acai bowl or smoothie purchased.



To celebrate Mindful May, Town of Claremont are hosting a range of workshops which provide relaxation, connection and the art of slowing down.
Treat your mum for mother’s day, or invite a friend for a night of fun and learning a new skill.

Throughout the month of May, Claremont Council Chambers within the Council Offices will become the destination for various activities, check out the workshops below:

Macrame with Poppyseed Creative - Wednesday May 5 | 6pm until 8.30pm - Waiting List

Pottery with Simon Winterwares - Wednesday May 12 | 6pm until 8pm - Waiting List

Flower Arranging with Hannah Etherington - Thursday May 20 | 6pm until 8pm - Waiting List

Candle and Body Salts with House of Hobby - Thursday May 27 | 6pm until 9pm - Waiting List