Volunteer Awards 2020

Meet our Volunteer Award winners

Claremont volunteers play a vital role in helping our community, and the Town’s annual Volunteer Awards is a chance to recognise the importance of the contribution each volunteer makes, as well as providing funding to support these community groups.  This year’s judges Mayor Jock Barker, Cr Annette Suann and Cr Jill Goetze were torn between the selection of great nominations. “Hundreds of people donate their time to their local sporting groups, local churches, school communities and to other local groups for the betterment of our entire community, but we feel the winners this year have gone above and beyond,” Cr Suann said.

Volunteer of the Year – Pat Coffey

Pat generously volunteers more than 25 hours a week at the Claremont Football Club throughout the entire year. He has been an essential asset to the Club, especially in recent times helping to coordinate the move across to the Showgrounds and back again, and during the ongoing pandemic, ensuring the continuous operation of activities.
Pat’s expertise not only helps drive the Club’s strategies and priorities, but he is always available to help with maintenance, presentation and cleanliness around the Club, logistics with parking, monitoring of fire contract compliance and general security.  His time and talent benefits more than 300 players from the local community and beyond. 
“As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely heavily on the goodwill and contribution of many volunteers. Pat is one of those genuine volunteers that makes a significant contribution to our Club and in turn the greater Community. His value to our Club is immeasurable”.
CEO CFC, Darcy Coffey

Senior of the Year – Dawn Hay 

Dawn has contributed and volunteered her time to the Claremont Lawn Tennis Club for more than 40 years. Her various roles have included being a committee member, umpiring at Club Championships, being involved in Busy Bees, coordinating volunteers and always been at the Club to welcome members and newcomers alike.
In fact, the Club has had to replace the recently retired Dawn with two people to take on her role! She is a wonderful ambassador for the Claremont Lawn Tennis Club, and she has been instrumental making the Club the warm and welcoming place it is.

Senior of the Year – Barbara Hugall

Barbara, at 86 years young, has volunteered her time at Bethesda Hospital for the last 10 years, as a palliative carer and also to greet newly arrived patients during their admission. Barbara is described as a ‘shining beacon of love’ and it is said that her compassionate and loving nature is a balm to the souls of those people who are, quite naturally, feeling very anxious and who are sometimes frightened.
The judges were very moved by her contribution at Bethesda Hospital and feel that the benefit that Barbara gives to those in her care and their families is invaluable and a blessing to all those around her.

Volunteer Team of the Year – Bindaring Volunteer Unit

Betty Foster is 93 and Poppy Mahon is 10.
The Bindaring Volunteer Unit who give their time to organise the Bindaring Clothing Sale have been running for 57 years without interruption. In this time, they have raised more than $2.5 million, with funds going to support programmes for the vulnerable, including the purchase of a Soup Patrol Van, and contribution to the Good Start Breakfast and Save a Mate programmes.
Bindaring also provides community service opportunities for up to 150 schools and university students which gives younger volunteers insight into the needs of our local community.

Youth Volunteer of the Year – Ahren Mahesh

Ahren may only be in Year 3, but he already has three years of volunteering experience under his belt. Beginning in Year 1, Ahren eagerly participates in his school’s Environmental Club and Recycling programmes.
He sorts through his classroom’s recycling to ensure it is of high quality with no contaminants, he spreads the word on the importance of recycling to his peers, he helps with planting seeds and he is not put off getting his hands dirty, when moving and spreading compost on the garden. We are optimistic about our environmental and sustainable future with Ahren!

Interested in volunteering in Claremont?  Contact the Volunteer Resource Centre on 9273 3640 or volunteering@nedlands.wa.gov.au or toc@claremont.wa.gov.au