Tenders & EOIs

Tender register

The Town of Claremont has awarded the following contracts as a result of the tender process.

               RFT Number                              


    Closing Date                     


RFT 05-2020

Reconstruction of McKenzie Pavilion

16th December 2020


RFT 04-2020

Construction and Redevlopment of Freshwater Bay Museum Claremont 

4th December 2020


RFT 01-2020

Street Sweeping and Drainage Maintenance 

23rd October 2020


RFT 2018-12

Splash Pad Design & Construct

27th May 2019


RFT 2019-03 Weed Control 

30th April 2019


RFT 2019-02

Civil Construction Services 

29th April 2019


RFT 2019-16


 21st April 2019