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Claremont Museum redevelopment


Project manager: Town of Claremont
Project update: May 2020


The Town of Claremont’s historic Claremont Museum site is being upgraded to support learning opportunities related to our local heritage and culture through programs, exhibitions and presentations for our community.
The museum was built in 1862 as the first school between Perth and Fremantle, then used a place of religious worship, a boarding house for young men, and a police station and quarters before the Town re-opened it in 1975 as the state’s first municipal museum. Over the last few decades the Town has added facilities to the site to support the preservation of artefacts and promote the history of the area.
Two of these facilities are either tired or not fit for purpose,  and after extensive community consultation – including seeking input from the Council’s Museum Advisory Committee and volunteers, local teachers and other community members – Council resolved to upgrade the facilities to meet the future needs of the community.
The museum and associated facilities were then closed to the public to allow for preparation for works.  In the meantime, museum officers have continued to deliver community events and school programs, whilst the temporary closure has also provided an opportunity to complete a major audit and deaccessioning project of the collection– involving the identification, restoration and repacking of museum artefacts of Freshwater Bay provenance – to better interpret the rich history and many stories of Claremont.


Project funding allocated in the Town’s budget includes $500,000 for the museum renovations, $200,000 for public toilet facility upgrades, and $130,000 for an upgrade of the carpark.
In addition the Town secured a $760,000 Lotterywest grant in to include a new community facility to support public programs and activities as part of this $1.26 million project. 
To progress the proposed project, a steering group comprised of community members and Council officers was established at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 3 September 2019. This Group invested considerable time and effort reviewing the proposed project and making a number of key recommendations to the Council.

Project Details

The project involves the upgrade  of the existing office and Museum building and replaces the storage building with a fit for purpose space for community education and temporary exhibition space.

Click here to view the proposed plan 


For general information on Claremont Museum services and events, please click here.

For further information on this project please contact:
Town of Claremont
Marty Symmons – Acting Director Infrastructure
(08) 9285 4300

Claremont Train Station upgrade


Project manager: Public Transport Authority


The Town has been in negotiation with the Public Transport Authority (PTA) on the Claremont Train Station Project since early 2018.  Claremont Station was identified as the best option for the turn backs (to support the Forrestfield-Airport Link) due to numerous factors such as timing, adequate land and the layout of the existing train line infrastructure. 

During this time the PTA has proposed iterations of the new infrastructure required to support  METRONET.  The initial plans presented to the Town included the following key features:
  • Installation of two turn backs on the train line. 
  • Extension of the current platform east to accommodate a long term increase in carriages from four to six car sets.
  • Construction of a new station consisting of a new pedestrian bridge and lift structures to the east of the existing heritage bridge.
  • Removal of the existing heritage connection from the existing pedestrian bridge.
  • Closure of both the western and eastern at-grade pedestrian crossings.
  • No additional bridge or tunnel connections to assist cycle access across the railway line.

The Town raised a number of concerns with the PTA concerning these proposals, inclusive of breaking the natural connection north and south of the railway with the Town Centre at the existing heritage bridge.  The proposals were considered to negatively impact on both the residents and the operation of the Town Centre.

In June 2019, the Town received advice from the PTA that they would decouple the project, meaning that the Project would now be delivered in two stages, given more time and thought for the proposed overpass connection.

Stage 1
Two turnbacks (required for METRONET'S Forrestfield-Airport Link), with the addition of a bus interchange and potential underpass west of the station together with initial retention of an eastern at-grade crossing (original crossing to be moved approximately 10 metres east)

Stage 2                
Overpass and connection from north to south, as well as platform connection involving a review of the heritage bridge connection as a priority to the proposed eastern bridge.

What this means to the Town and our residents

At-grade pedestrian crossings

The initial proposal to close both crossings has been reviewed in light of the agreement from the PTA to decouple the project to allow further investigation in the use of the existing heritage bridge (with Heritage Council support for any necessary modifications) as the primary access point for the station as opposed to a new structure to the east of the station.  This will allow for the ongoing use of the eastern at grade crossing at least until such stage that the platform needs to be extended to accommodate additional carriages.  At that stage, the eastern crossing may be removed or relocated (to be determined), however in that instance it is likely that the Town will pursue the relocation option.

Pedestrian tunnel / bridge

A number of options for a new pedestrian bridge or tunnel have been analysed by both the Town and PTA.  The assessment has taken into account logical connections north and south of the railway line, need to maintain cyclist linkages, open and visible connections, grade separation between the tracks and adjacent footpaths, security in design, impact on existing servicing infrastructure, costs and ongoing maintenance and responsibility.  A site has been identified for a tunnel situated approximately 200 metres west of the station to facilitate pedestrian and cycle access.  Although the entry/exit does not connect well with any existing entry points, or walkways, it remains the only viable option for consideration.  The Town is still discussing option with PTA funding and cost implications relative to future maintenance obligations and responsibilities.

Bus interchange

The PTA originally proposed a bus interchange east of the station which are considered to have significant impacts on local residents and grass trees located along Gugeri Street.  The Town negotiated an alternative location for the bus station on Gugeri Street, in its present location.  


Delay of Claremont Station Reopening

Full Fremantle line service have now resumed as of April 6, however newly unearthed degredation will delay the sation opening by 3 weeks to April 23. As such the station will remain closed with the PTA advsing passengers to continue to use the Showgrounds Staion instead. The rest of the Fremanlte Line is unaffected.

The lastest information from the PTA for the Claremont Station Project can be foud here.

Long term single lane road closure - Claremont Crescent

As part of the State Government’s Metronet Claremont station project, the Public Transport Authority has proposed a long-term single lane road closure of Claremont Crescent, west of Stirling Road, for westbound traffic. The lane closure will accommodate critical works along the train line and ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclist, motorists and personnel performing the work. The closure will also act as a temporary principle shared path (PSP) as the main PSP will be closed between Graylands Road and Australind Street for the duration of the works. These closures will be in place for up to eight months to March 2021. 

A map of the closure can be found here.

Long term closure of Claremont Train Station

To build the new turnbacks at Claremont Station, eight weeks of intensive construction activity took place from 5 February until 5 April 2021.
These works have now been extended to 23 April 2021. This will see no trains stopping at Claremont Station, with bus services only operating.

These new turnbacks are an important part of the Claremont Station Project. Once completed they will allow more trains to run between Claremont Station and the CBD during peak times and provide direct access to the new Airport Line from Claremont Station. Claremont Station is also being refurbished during this period.

For more information about the project call 9326 3666 during business hours, or email

Claremont Station Project: Traffic Management Extension on Claremont Crescent

As part of the Claremont Station Project, further works are required along Claremont Crescent East and West.

Claremont Crescent West: Australind Street and Stirling Road
To facilitate safe access to the temporary principal shared path and to allow construction vehicles to safely access the rail reserve, the current temporary closure of Claremont Crescent will continue between Australind Street and Stirling Road as followed:

  • Westbound lane closed to create a temporary principal shared path; and
  • Claremont Crescent to be one-way for motorists, accommodating eastbound traffic only, from Australind Street to Stirling Road. However, access will be closed for short periods of time when construction vehicles require safe entry to the rail.

This arrangement is expected to be in place until August 2021, and the one-way traffic flow will be maintained 24/7.

Claremont Crescent East: Shenton Road and Stirling Road
As part of the Claremont Station Project, works have progressed to construct the pedestrian underpass. Although the pedestrian underpass is incomplete, it is accessible and will be completed after the major works period following 5 April. In the interim, a temporary barrier is in place to maintain safety between the road and excavation area.

For safety reasons, Claremont Crescent East will continue to be reduced to a single lane, one-way traffic flow, which will operate eastbound between Shenton Road and Stirling Road, and the one-way traffic flow will be maintained 24/7.

Please note that due to the traffic arrangements, street parking on Claremont Crescent East is unsafe, and will be restricted. Those on Claremont Crescent East, have been provided access to additional parking.

This arrangement is expected to be in place until 30 April 2021.

As well as the road closures, the car park on Claremont Crescent adjacent to The Goods Shed, will be closed. The Transperth car park on Davies Road has additional parking bays available for the community use to replace this parking for the duration of the closure.

We appreciate that the changed traffic conditions are likely to cause inconvenience to some residents; however, the arrangement is required to maintain a safe distance between the work site and traffic movements. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists should take extra care and follow all traffic management directions along Claremont Crescent. All works will follow an approved traffic management plan.


For further information on this project please visit METRONET's website or contact:

Public Transport Authority 
Amaarah Samnakay, Project Communications Officer
Tel: (08) 9326 2110

Town of Claremont
Marty Symmons – Acting Director Infrustructure
(08) 9285 4300